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Welcome both my real and my web friends to my virtual office. As an author who is doing his best to get his books published I decided to create this site and share my agenda with you.

I have written several novels in the past years and added them in my bookshelf. When I decided to publish them I found out first hand the difficulties of such a task. Perhaps the biggest difficulty is that us Greeks read less compared to people from other countries and we prefer foreign writers translated into our languageā€¦ and that has kept me away so far from publishers.

In an effort to get my books in a broader group of readers I had three of my books translated from the daughters, Danae and Lydia Phelps, of a very good friend of mine.

I have finally managed to find my way through small publishing companies and my books are available to order online. All necessary information is provided under each book where you are also free to leave any feedback or thoughts.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your visit.

My books

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